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Strategic Advice & Management Services


  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Results-based management
  • Process improvement & identification of efficiencies
  • Controlling and Evaluation
  • Management services
  • Digitalization
  • Resource mobilization

Examples of major Achievements & References

International Organizations

  • Improved and harmonized processes thanks to the development of standard operating procedures
  • Streamlined and digitalized process for the designation of IAEA inspectors
  • Strategic plan for the restart of a research reactor
  • Digitalized process for the development and monitoring of the programme and budget in an international organization
  • Streamlined and harmonized monthly financial closing time of worldwide 35 subsidiaries
  • Identified efficiency gains thanks to the development of an on-line manual for internal administrative services
  • Wider participation from developing countries to an international conference thanks to a resource mobilisation campaign
  • Improved internal administrative services based on the results of a staff satisfaction survey

Real Estate

  • Sale strategy for apartment complex in Litzersdorf
  • Communication and management strategy for a hotel (Room55 in 1050 Vienna) with a virtual reception