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Strategic planning

Strategic planning for energy supply is essential because the energy environment is affected by fast evolving economics and technology, as well as increasing environmental and social challenges. Based on well-established methodologies and tools, NPC assists you in the strategic decision on how to implement nuclear power as part of your energy mix.

Project Planning

Once a decision is taken to introduce nuclear power, NPC provides assistance in the review of existing arrangements, the detailed implementation planning involving all stakeholders and the procurement process for nuclear power reactors and related services. Because we have no present or past affiliation with any nuclear vendor, as well as high ethical standards, we guarantee full independence and objectivity.

Project Controlling

Once nuclear power implementation has started, a key success factor is the close monitoring and controlling of the project. NPC can fulfill the role of an independent and neutral agent between the suppliers and the customer, with the objective to ensure that the reactor and related services will be delivered on time, on schedule, within agreed costs, and will meet the needs of the customer.

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